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Eddie and his team reduced my debt, and I paid creditors less than half of what they wanted.

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NDL’s debt relief process is easy to understand, and to get started resolving YOUR debt. We can help make your monthly payments more manageable through debt relief services including debt renegotiation or replacing your debt with a new debt consolidation loan with different terms, including a lower interest rate, waived fees, an extended loan term or reduced balance.

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Questions and Answers

Based in NYC, National Debt Law is a proven successful and reputable debt relief company made up of a diverse group of energetic, smart, and hard-working individuals that take a professional team approach.

That’s why we say, “We Do Better When YOU Do Debt Better.  

Our skills, experience, and tenacity has helped thousands of Americans resolve debt problems and find debt relief by helping our customers through a tough financial time in their lives. We specialize in reducing the balances on credit card debts, medical bills, repossessions, certain business debts, and other unsecured debt obligations. We also work diligently to ensure your creditors don’t harass you at your home or place of business.

We provide comprehensive debt relief services and  we fight for our clients through debt negotiation. Once you enroll in our debt relief program, it’s not just you versus your creditors. We’re debt relief professionals ready to help you get out of debt and back to managing your life. You not alone anymore. Our friendly customer service representatives are always ready to answer your questions or listen to your concerns.

Debt relief can help you to find a way out of your debt and avoid bankruptcy.

It is important to know the difference between debt relief and bankruptcy. Debt relief is for those who are in financial distress but are not interested in, or yet eligible for bankruptcy. Debt Relief vs Bankruptcy:

Debt relief is for those who are in financial distress but are not yet eligible for bankruptcy. Bankruptcy, on the other hand, will eliminate all of your debts at once and can be a good option if you have too many debts and cannot repay them. However, it will stay on your credit report for 10 years so it may affect your ability to get loans or credit cards in the future.

National Debt Law debt relief services can help you if you are struggling to pay your bills or if you have been unable to pay them for more than 90 days. Debt Relief can help people who have not been able to keep up with their monthly payments, as well as people who are late on payments and those who have missed payments altogether.

Debt Relief is a very popular option for people of all income levels. The process is similar for everyone, but the amount of money debt relief saves someone varies depending on how much they owe and their income level.

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