What is a Debt Spiral?

What is a debt spiral?

“When I was a child and I would find a large space and spin around quickly until I felt queasy”That stopped being fun pretty quickly. That’s what being in debt feels like. Spinning, sinking and being sick.”. Client describes her debt feelings Are you falling behind in your basic expenses like home mortgage or rent […]

Who Are the Largest Credit Lenders?

National-Debt-Law-Debt-Relief-Largest Lenders

Who Are the Five Largest Credit Provides in the US? The Corporate Address of 5 Largest Credit Lenders brought to you by nationaldebtlaw.com. If you owe on a credit card there is a good chance it’s with one of the five largest charge and credit card companies. Perhaps you would like to contact them directly […]

How To Refute Denied Credit

Refuting Denied Credit and Scoring People who have been denied lower interest rate cards want to know what is the next step. Credit card companies, banks, mortgage lenders, credit unions and many others buy information about you through credit bureaus. They use a procedure called “scoring” applicants when deciding whether to approve or deny credit. […]

Why Are Mortgages and Credit Cards Harder to Obtain?

Credit Cards Harder to Obtain

Why are Mortages Harder to Obtain? Mortgage loan availabilities have been decreasing since 2008, when the housing market crashed. Mortgage lenders are now more careful about lending to people who might not be able to afford the monthly payments. This is because they want to avoid a situation where they have to foreclose on a […]

Simple Steps to Pay Off Credit Card Debts

Pay off credit card debt

It’s easy to fall into credit card debt, but it can be hard to dig back out of it. Plan to pay more than the minimum monthly payment on your card, and if you’re running a substantial balance, focus on paying it off as quickly as possible. Learn more.

How Can a Debt Management Plan Help Me?


And What is a Debt Management Plan A Debt Management Plan is a critical component of financial planning. To solve a serious problem, you need a realistic plan. Initial consultations are always free and National Debt Law.  Debt relief options and services will result in a personalized Debt Management Plan that will realistically solve your […]

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