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Fen’s Debt Relief Story

National Debt Law – Debt Settlement Testimonial

Fen’s Debt Relief Story

My name is Fen and I want to recommend National Debt Law and Jonathan for getting me out of debt and saving me money. They helped me settle my long past-due balance on my Sears card after the account had gone to collections. According to the collectors, I owed $6453.04 in January of 2014. I paid a total of $2581.21 in July of this year and the debt is gone. I saved $3871.83.

Fen Z.

  • Original Debt: $6453.04
  • Total Repayed: $2581.21
  • Total Saved: $3871.83

I had been making minimum payments for a long time before I let it go and stopped paying my credit cards. I’ve been an American citizen for over ten years and I’ve managed my credit cards pretty well up until a few years ago. My parents were going through some health issues and I was needed to return back home to China repeatedly.

I was able to return to America in 2012 and I worked two different jobs to pay my bills and get out of debt and repair my credit rating As I was approaching the end there was still $6453.04 owed to the Sears card. Most of that money was interest on what I had bought years earlier.

I wasn’t expecting it but I also met my soon to be wife at this time. When a lawyer started contacting and threatening me for money, I went online to find help. I knew some businesses negotiate to pay back less for debt. I hoped debt settlement should be possible for me but I worried about my credit rating. I decided that if someone could save me half of the money, I could pay afford to pay it back. But I was not going to pay any money upfront. And I expected results before I paid anything.

I was also told about new laws that helped people with medical debts and debt settlement. Jonathan showed me the FICO 9 Credit rating changes. As long as I paid and they closed the debt, my credit rating would improve.

Thank you National Debt Law and Jonathan for saving me almost $4000. The money paid for my honeymoon.

-Fen Z


Fen’s Actual Debt Settlement Letter


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