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Linda’s Debt Relief Story

National Debt Law – Debt Settlement Testimonial

Linda’s Debt Relief Story

I’m Linda and things were fine until I unexpectedly had to change jobs in 2012. I was out of work for about 6-months but the bills didn’t stop. I got caught with a short-term zero-interest offer on a Discover credit card. Then at the very worst time the interest rate jumps to nearly 20%. It wasn’t long before I was only paying the minimum and essentially only paying on the interest. With everything going on I ran up over $10,000 in debt over that year and wound up in collections, then a lawyer or agency started calling. Once I got another job I contacted the creditors… “too late”, they said! Then the collectors started calling.

Linda I.

  • Original Debt: $10,317.25
  • Total Repayed: $5,158.62
  • Total Saved: $5,158.63

Absolutely no one from Discover or the lawyers offices seemed to wanted to work with me, or even be reasonable. “Pay it all and pay it now!” Then the collectors called and wanted even more from me! They were often rude and threatening and condescending. I was served with legal papers so I called National Debt Law.

Eddie and his team manged my debt negotiation and saved me five grand. I had to pay back less than half (50%) of the debt, and I can see that my credit rating will actually improve when it’s completely paid, despite settlement. Now no more collection calls. What else is there to say that the settlement letter doesn’t? See it for yourself.  If you’re in deep debt and need help negotiating your way out, or just need information about debt, I recommend Eddie and Nation Debt Law!


Actual Debt Settlement Letter


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