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Debt Relief Success Story Richard

The debt is paid-in-full and I feel better. Back then I felt I was really being treated badly and disrespectfully by the collectors. Now I’m over it. Thank you Paul.

Debt Relief Testimonial - Richard

Hello, I’m Richard and I want to thank National Debt Law for saving me $13,654.69 with debt relief and debt settlement. By negotiating my old credit card debt the balance I have to pay back was reduced by almost 80%, now I can repay the debt before the end of this year.

Richard V.

Original Debt: $17,408.65
Total Repayed: $3153.96
Total Saved: $13,654.69

I had some family issues and other unexpected medical bills that wiped me out for several years. I had over seventeen-thousand dollars still outstanding on my credit card balance, and debt settlement saved me real money. The consultation was free. Jonathan knew what he was doing and answered my questions. There were no fees upfront. The financial information on the website and financial planning tools were also helpful. I use the free budget plan for my own monthly expenses now. I won’t get caught out there again.

This FIA Card debt was a “thorn in my side” for the longest time. I had been making minimum payments on that old credit card for years. After being sent to collections, I was being charged over $17K on the card – even though I had never charged even ten thousand on the card. Mostly just interest and fees. Eventually I got back on my feet financially. I got married, and I began working a second job to repay other more-recent debts, trying to catch up. I was the last debt to deal with.

After several harassing collection calls and threats, I went online to find information and help. I used the free debt calculator to see how much actual money, in interest – that I had been paying. I realized I had been throwing away money for years. I felt like enough was enough. National Debt Law had professional experience and knowledge, and exceeded my expectations.

Jonathan, you told me what to expect and answered all of my questions. You guys are tough! I thought my credit would be damaged, it wasn’t. Bottom-line, you fought hard for me and I recommend your services for people with debt problems like mine. Thanks again.

-Richard V.

  • Original Debt: $13,255.67
  • Total Repaied: $2651.13
  • Total Saved: $10,604.54
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